About Tin Fish Restaurants

About Tin Fish Restaurants

From Licensor to developing Restaurant systems for over 18 Years.

Where We Are Going
Tin Fish Restaurant concepts include great seafood served in a quick service, casual atmosphere Many years of working with seafood and customers has the Founder, Joseph Melluso, creating a high quality menu of healthy, quality products. Some of our licensed restaurants are quick service – and some are hybrids offering quick counter service to full service for restaurant and bar. Our systems and licensed model moving forward, will be the QSR (Quick Service Restaurants) concept where you order at the counter then pick your food up when ready for the small size location or have the food served by food runner depending on the size.

We work very hard to be a local restaurant and utilize a unique balance of sustainable products and systems that work all around the country. While offering consistent and delicious Tin Fish menu items throughout all locations; no two Tin Fish are alike in appearance! This allows for some of our existing Tin Fish restaurant owners and new to the system, future Tin Fish restaurant owners to adopt the local culture and atmosphere of the community and blend nicely with their neighborhood. If you are looking to open a Tin Fish Restaurant, you will find it is easy and fun – with a dedicated team of professionals ready to assist from the very start.

It is great to have all the individual independant Tin Fish restaurant owners over the many years as we developed the Tin Fish brand and concept. We certainly had some growing pains along the way, we have learned a lot from all of the things we did wrong and we as a team created many great successes too. We are so thankful for all their hard work and growth which has taught us the processes and products needed for our Tin Fish systems & program.

Where We’ve Been
With some of these initial restaurant locations changing names and careers during this important Tin Fish concept development process; we are very thankful for each and every one of their patience and drive for success. As we continue towards our system programs readying for 2014, and with so many new exciting benefits with a very strong qualified team to assist, we are here to grow from our past and excite all of those for a successful future.

All new for 2014, The Tin Fish Restaurant system programs are very exciting – with great food and service. We know that from the first day it started many years ago through today and beyond – we have learned so much, and we will continue to learn and grow to be a wonderful concept for so many to enjoy.

Our Commitment To You
We work hard to be good choice makers in the industry from the new operator approval processes through quality training, purchasing, storage and handling programs to the cooking tecniques our Tin Fish team has put in place. Combined with a fun atmosphere, and really great food and menus – makes the Tin Fish Restaurants a concept so many can enjoy! Thank you for visiting our Tin Fish site, and we look forward to our interaction whether behind the line cooking with us, waiting on a customer – or sitting at a table enjoying our food and service!